6b) Czech Pride-Julia Kappenman


Czech Pride #6b

Born and raised in Lincoln, NE, Jewel studied art at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree.  Always fond of travel and the arts of different cultures she has tried many styles of art through several mediums.  From Manuscripts with egg tempera and black gall ink on vellum to Australian Aboriginal dot art in acrylic on chairs to sewing clothing made from men’s neck ties, her eclectic interests keep her moving on to new ideas and new things.  She enjoys many crafts, cake decorating, sewing, screen printing, molding with clay and works in many 2D mediums such as watercolor, guache, charcoal, pencil, ink, oil and acrylic.  She has a great love for people so you will find them in much of her work.  However, design elements are becoming more prevalent as she has recently added Czech and Native American designs to the top of her interests list.  Don’t be surprised on what you see her trying next.
Title: Czech Pride-The beautiful flowers of Czech designs are a wonder to behold when viewing the embroidery, buildings and people they decorate.  Welcoming strangers into their towns, they celebrate their diversity through music, dance and colorful costumes.  Their heritage carefully preserved and handed down to their children who gladly accept its richness.  There is no happier place than a Czech festival!  Don’t forget the Kolaches!