70a) Our Political Heart – Barbara Dewey and Robert Spaulding

     Nebraska entered the Union as a Free State in 1867.  The first presidential election was held in 1868: Ulysses S. Grant, Republican vs. Horatio Seymour, Democrat, in the primaries.  Twenty-eight counties voted.  At that time, only men could vote.
     The 1868 map reflects the voting percentages by county.  You will note that President Grant is reflected with the color blue as the Republican platform at that time more closely resembles the modern day Democratic platform.  Seymour is depicted with red since the Democratic platform then was closer to the Republican one in 2016.
     The background colors reflect the farming history of the State.  The unsettled sections of the State are gold to represent the prairie grass and the Sand Hills  The base depicts the aquafor, the geological resource that lies beneath our State.
     The 2012 Presidential election was used to roughly demonstrate what kind of map the 2016 election will create, showing the voting percentages county by county.  Red symbolizes Republican votes for Romney and Blue/Purple symbolizes the Democratic votes for President Obama.
     The yellow/gold background color represents the major crops of the State: corn and wheat, as well as the State Flower, the Goldenrod.
     Between the counties, are crazy quilt stitches reflecting our pioneer women’s thriftiness, creativity and community as well as the home of the International Quilt Museum.
     Note: the color shades will be measured to more accurately reflect the upcoming election.
     The quote from Senator Ben Sass, 2016, reflects the angst of this upcoming election.  It may or may not be included on the final product.