74a) Sandhill Cranes-Tammy Partsch

Patron: Nebraska City: Where Great Ideas Grow
The proposed design for Nebraska by Heart was inspired by the work of photographer Michael Forsberg.  Forsberg’s book, On Ancient Wings, details the migration of the sandhill cranes of North America.  Their annual stop along the Platte River is, according to Forsberg, the largest gathering of any crane species anywhere in the world.
     For a few weeks every late winter/early spring, the cranes call Nebraska home.  The cranes use their time here to replenish their bodies and to rest before continuing their journey north.  The wild beauty of the cranes continues to inspire the thousands of Nebraska residents and tourists from around the world who come to view them every year.
     This design illustrates a facet of Nebraska that is older than 150 years.  Cranes have migrated along the Platte River for a millennia.  They will be here, year after year, long after we have gone.  Our witness to the migration of the sandhill cranes binds us to view them every year.
Material and Construction
     This design will feature four to five images of cranes as recorded by Michael Forsberg (two are illustrated in my proposal – one singular crane ‘dancing’ and a group of three).  The work will be done with acrylic paint.  The background of the entire heart will be a blend of blues, greens, browns and grays.  The Platte River will be depicted on the base.