78a) The Music of the Wind-Doyle Burbank-Williams

78a) The Music of the Wind-Doyle Burbank-Williams
Patron: Alpha Delta Pi House Corporation and Alumnae
From a gentle breeze to a cow-tipping gale, the wind is a ubiquitous presence in Nebraska.  For eons that wind pollinated the grasses of the rolling prairies.  Today that wind powers the grand turbines creating clean and renewable power.  Wind is an experience that ever Nebraskan knows.
     I love to listen to the music of nature that arises when the Nebraska wind comes up.  Out on the prairie you can hear the grasses rustle as they roll like ocean waves.  In summer, the breezes make the corn fields rattle and clatter.  When the storm winds rush across the plains, the trees moan and sway to that fierce music.  My Nebraska By Heart piece entitled “The Music of the Wind” is inspired by and evokes that kind of music.
Material and Construction
     “The Music of the Wind” celebrates the presence and experience of the wind rolling across the plains.  Stylized representations of the wind are featured on its surface.  Painted swirls surround cut out sections.  The winds will billow around and through the heart.  Those cut out sections will allow access to the interior where actual wind chimes will be installed.  That wind will be captured and transformed into tones which will drift out into the area.  When the Nebraska breezes blow, the sculpture will sing.