80c) Max Reis – Border to Border


     It is the sesquicentennial so why not celebrate Nebraska?  I have always enjoyed visiting Nebraska’s state parks, historical sites, and recreational areas.  Border to border is a celebration of Nebraska’s diverse landscape and history.  It is a collage of photographs of the many state parks and recreation areas*.  East to West, North to South, Nebraska is the heartland of America.
* Please note:  Photos on the proposal are only representative of what will be used on the final piece.  The final piece will use full page photos, two page spread photos and 1/4 page and larger photos from Nebraskaland Magazine.
Material and Construction
    There will be a collage of photographs from Nebraskaland Magazine (used with permission) and acrylic paint.  The base will be a state highway map and major cities (used with permission).  The entire thing will be coated with the recommended clear coat.