89a) Nebraskans-Carl Dumicich


  The last three years have been a roller coaster for myself and my family.  After leaving a job in education which I held for nine years, my family had the choice of moving to New York (where I had a few job offers) or staying here in Nebraska where our family lives.  I have been here 15 years,  after meeting my wife in school in NY and deciding to relocate to Omaha where my wife and her family live.  The roller coaster ride continued recently after I suffered a stroke.  Although there were few if any complications, I realized that rather than pursuing the career I was striving for in education, I wanted to go back to my first love and inspiration – art.  My experience in theatre and teaching theatre will enable this project to be carried out properly and in a timely manner.
     My inspirations for the five renderings which I am submitting are based on some of the values I cherish and encounter every day as a resident of Nebraska.  I also consider myself an amateur historian and I was intrigued by Nebraska’s anniversary, the project and helping others.  Overall, the symbol of a heart with an arrow through it represents love but also a “broken heart”.  The arrow symbolizes the American Indian and how their lands were taken away.  We must all fight for our freedom.  The sky behind the silhouettes represents either a dusk or a dawn.  While some of our beliefs change (dusk), those that adapt to change survive (dawn).
Rendering # 1 depicts “Nebraskans”, a settler on horseback and an American Indian.  We must all work together to find peace.
Rendering # 2 depicts our football “Legacy”, which symbolizes traditions – here represented by football players – something of which we should be proud.
Rendering #3 depicts the “Heartland” of America, its tenacity over adversity.  It is symbolized by the farmer who despite problems still manages to feed a nation.
Rendering #4 depicts the “Pioneers” who came to our country and traversed an unfamiliar land to build a nation.
Rendering #5 depicts the “Generations” of Nebraskans, the younger generation learning from the older generation.  Traditions are important and should be passed down through each generation.  Yet change enables new traditions and brings our world together.
These renderings can either be the front, back, or front and back of the heart.
Thank you for your consideration.