8a) Spirits of the Heartland- Artist: Janelle McKain

8a) Spirits of the Heartland- Janelle McKain

Patron: Heritage Builders, Inc.

“ In a state of grace, the soul is like a well of transparent water, from which flow only streams of clearest crystal.  Its works are pleasing both to God and man, rising from the River of Life, beside which it is rooted like a tree”.

Saint Teresa of Avila


Artist Statement

Saint Teresa’s quote was inspiration for “Spirits of the Heartland”. The application of human faces (souls) to the sculpture inscribes the River of Life and reminds us of the pioneers and Native Americans who lived, farmed and settled in Nebraska.  Though physical no longer with us, their souls remain in a state of grace and their heritage lends a spiritual connection to the heart shape.  The overall design and flow of organic lines (winding tree limbs, river streams) creates a visual of human souls connected and rooted like a tree to this great state of Nebraska.

I am rooted as well, born and raised in Nebraska, I will never leave and I too, will be buried among the Spirits of the Heartland.

Examples of clay resin faces that will be used.

The execution of this piece involves Apoxy / Magic Sculpt resin clay to form the faces and 3-D “tree limbs” and sculptural effects that will be applied and attached.  Crystal glass prisms will be implanted on the foreheads of the “souls” to enhance the spiritual quality.  Clear and aqua colored glass gem stones will be incorporated throughout the surface to add glisten and provide interest.  The color palette of burnt sienna, golden ochre, deep bronze, copper tones and earthy rich blues will inherently pull the composition together.  The textural layering of acrylic paint will create a visual web of interest across the heart.  Either resin clay stamped leaves (painted aluminum color and/or iridescent bronze) OR actual true aluminum cut leaves will be utilized to connect the flowing “branches” and water-like ridges that flow throughout the surface.  River rock stones will be embedded on the top of the Nebraska state shaped base.  Tree “roots” of the native people will appear to grow into the base, uniting the heart shape and the base in a unified visual composition.