92c) Fragments of Life 3-Lincoln, North Star High School Art Students–Jocelyn Reiss, Art Specialist

“Even when the heart is broken, beaten, and bruised, a light of hope will always shine through”

The heart we are proposing to create is made out of polygon triangular shapes.  These shapes would create the bulk of the structure and each facet would have either glass mirror or colored glass attached with epoxy or finished with grout.

The different facets of the heart represent the different facets of our state, our community and of our lives: the ways we live and work, all coming together to create a place that is at the very heart of our nation.  Each fragment will be colored glass or a mirror.  The mirror fragments are in response to our previous idea of taking away some of the fragments to reveal an interior light.  With the addition of mirrored glass we will be using the light from outside the form to create a “light from within”.

The idea that all of us have a fragment of ourselves missing, or that many people feel broken, there is still light that can reflect from this experience and be a fragment of something greater than ourselves.  The illuminating light that will be reflected from the heart’s mirrored fragments, is the light of others from without.  As high school students who often feel as if we are living fragmented lives, or within a fragmented community, when all the pieces come together and we work together, life is better.

Sponsored by Ms. Jocelyn Lippincott Reiss

Artists representing Lincoln North Star High School

Deanna Allen                       Sarah Cronin                         An Pham

Laila Hasan                          Alexandar Rooks                  Jasmine Suarez

Billy Le                                 Andres Novoa                       Azizkhon Youldashev