95a) We Are Nebraska- Allie Laing

Patron: Alpha Omicron Pi- Zeta Chapter

Some people grew up in small communities where they could circle their home town in 5 blocks. They road bikes to the grocery store and walked across the street to get to the city pool. Some lived on farms and were raised to take care of crops and animals. Others grew up in big cities where they drove thirty minutes to get home by crossing bridges and passing downtown buildings. And if you’re like me, you grew up praising Husker Football and you couldn’t find anyone not wearing red on a Sunday in Fall. No matter which lifestyle we grew up with, we all have something in common – we are Nebraska. This place is truly incredible, and I constantly find myself being more thankful for the sense of community I’ve found in this state. When designing my proposal, I wanted to show that no matter what our backgrounds might be, we all hold Nebraska close to our hearts. Whether we’re big city living or small town folks, we all belong to the state of the two finger wave and the Cornhuskers. We’re connected in more ways than one, and I am so excited to share all of the amazing things that make up this state through this sculpture.