9a) Nature’s Gift- Artist: Paula Yoachim

9a) Nature’s Gift-Paula Yoachim

Patron: Slim Chickens

The inspiration for this design comes from the beauty of nature. I selected Nebraska’s state bird the meadowlark and wildflowers native to Nebraska. On a larger scale I would create more varieties of flowers and bright colors. The leaves and vines create a path of movement to help unify the design. The feather motif is repeated on the other side of the heart forming wing encompassing the heart shape. A skeleton key is often incorporated into my work. The key can represent different things to different people. It has an element of mystery about it,wondering what is behind each new door that opens up throughout life. In this case it was intended to honor the past and represent personal identity.The idea of loving the beauty of nature in our state and finding a place to grow, thrive, and call home. The nest represents home and unifies the bird idea shown on the front of the heart.