9b) The Heartland- Artist: Paula Yoachim

9b) The Heartland-Paula Yoachim
Location: Nebraska State Historical Society, 1500 R Street


Patron: Rhonda Seacrest

The inspiration for my design was to link the past to the present by depicting images from across the state. The wide-open spaces of Western Nebraska represent the days of early settlers and pioneers heading west.I selected my hometown, North Platte, for the central images such as Buffalo Bill Cody’s house at Scouts Rest Ranch with a lasso roping the wind to capture the spirit of the old west. I included the railroad Bailey Yards is the largest railroad classification yard in the world leading to economic growth across the nation. The playful arrangement of tracks create a path of movement for the eye to follow throughout the design. Sandhill Cranes fly overhead during yearly migration to central Nebraska. Ears of corn symbolize the importance of agriculture in our state. The backside focuses on icons of Eastern Nebraska such as the state capital building. The circular design is my interpretation of looking up through the dome at all the beautiful art deco era designs throughout the building. It also looks somewhat like a sun combined with a machine like glimpse of the wheels that turn to keep the big city moving along. A simplified Omaha skyline is nestled next to the Missouri River to form our Eastern border.