How do you know when your ball joints are bad?

How do you know when your ball joints are bad?

Just like the human hips and their sockets the ball joint is the thing that helps the car to move smoothly. Checking ball joints in your vehicle is an easy process but it is a very important thing you have to perform.

The ball joints are the thing that allows your car to move front end up and down and left and right as well also in the turning of the steering. The ball joints can last long over time but it is better to check them at regular intervals.

In modern vehicles, the ball joints are one of the important parts of the suspension system. The modern ball joints are serviceable and it usually lasts longs the lifespan of the car. But sometimes it can experience some of the problems so try to recognize it with their symptoms.

Ball joint

The ball joint is the ball in the socket design and generally, they are lubricated along with the grease and covered with the dust boot. The modern ball joints come along with the sealing that is to prevent it gets dirt because when the dirt gets started accumulated over it may affect the lifespan of the ball joint.

This ball joint is one of the vital parts of the suspension system when it gets affected you have to replace the entire assembly. Based on the type of suspension many cars will have both the upper and the lower ball joints. The lower ball joints are larger than the upper ball joint.

Signs of ball joint

When your ball joint is starting affected it will show some of the signs of bad ball joint and it includes the following things;

  • Squeaky or clunky noises
  • Loose or shaky steering
  • Drifting to one side
  • Uneven tire wear

Checking of ball joints

If you notice ball joints are bad it is time to check the ball joints;

The first and basic thing you have to take your car for a drive and drive at the maximum speed limit. While driving you have to pay attention to the engine, steering and overall performance of your car.

Then check the steering wheel by turning around the wheels back and front for few times and listen to the noise of the engine.

Final words

When you experience some of the signs as mentioned above you should take your car to the service and check whether your ball joints are perfectly good.  .