Dreams become Destiny – Roberta Barnes

IMG_4818.JPGDreams Become Destiny by Roberta Barnes
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Location: 719 P Street

Dreams Become Destiny captures the soul of the stargazer, the visionary and the brave adventurer. It is both an invitation and a challenge; to dream, to question and to imagine. To fail and then persevere.
The juxtaposed images of a Nebraska field and a rocket soaring above honor our connection to the earth and entice the next generation of pioneers to explore the unknown, discover new worlds, push the boundaries of IMG_4819.JPGimagination….and then push further.
Is there a limit to what we can know and who we can be? The answer lies in the heart of the dreamer; for the greatest voyage of discovery begins in our dreams and rises to destiny on the unstoppable determination to reach beyond the stars.

Note: This sculpture was a special commission by the Nebraska By Heart committee to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of Clayton Anderson, Nebraska’s first astronaut.