What is a crowbar and pry bar?

What is a crowbar and pry bar?

The pry bar and the crowbar both are the types of tools. They are the levers either it will be used to remove the nails or to force apart the two objects.

Both of these bars are made of the metal and their uses may get differ based on the requirement of the users. The crowbars are the type of metal bar that is single curved with the flattened points. And the pry bars are also similar to the crowbars with one end curved.

Mostly the people make use of these pry bars to remove the nails apart. Before purchasing or using these bars get to know about the difference between a pry bar and crowbarThey will help you to understand their uses and how to efficiently make use of it.

The crowbar is also called the wrecking bar or pry bar and in some parts of the world, it is also called the jimmy, gooseneck or pig foot. The crowbar is a type of tool that usually consists of the metal bar along with the single curved end and the flattened points.

This crowbar often contains the small fissure on both or one of the ends of the bar for removing the nails. They are very often used to open the nailed wooden crates and generally they require the force to remove the nails or make apart two objects. When it comes to pry bar vs crowbar, the fact is that the pry bar is nothing but the crowbar.


These bars are not only used to remove the nails, but the crowbars are also used to break the rocks in the mining. The design of the crowbar can be used as any of the three lever classes. The curved end is mostly used as the first-class lever and the flat end as the second lever class.

How to use it

The usage of theses wrecking bars will always depend on the thing you are doing. One of the common tasks of these bars is prying up the floorboards. These bars required the lever to be lifted adjacent which is to lift the other board.

With the proper knowledge, you can make use of these bars. And before make using it, it is better to know completely about the crowbars. Through using a pry bar or crowbar you can perform some of the tasks when you to how to use it efficiently.

Final words

It may be any tool complete understanding is a very important try to grab the knowledge on the crowbar before making use of it for your need.