The general difference between a hammer and a mallet

The general difference between a hammer and a mallet

Both the mallets and the hammers are the tools that are used to create a force on something where you want to.

When you are in an idea to purchase a kind of tools you should have some amount of basic knowledge in it because both of these tools have some of the unique properties based on your need you should select the one.

The very first you have to get to know about the difference between a hammer and a mallet.

The people used to ask that both of these tools do the same work and for what purposes do the hammers and mallets used for. Here is the difference between both of those tools you need to know about;


In general, the hammers are manufactured to drive the objects with a hard and blunt force. The hammer contains only two of those components like the head and the handle. But they contain different parts in its body, they are as follows;


Face- it is the flat surface that is present on one side of the hammer’s head and that makes them contact the object.

Neck- as the name implies it is the narrow part of the body and it connects the head and body.

Eye- the eye is where the wedge is placed that is to secure the head to the handle and this point is a very deep and tapered hole where the head will be get inserted.

Claw- claw is another end of the head and it is usually a V-shaped that can cut the object easily, usually, they are too sharp than the other parts of the hammer.

Handle- handle is the part where you can hold the tool


The mallets are generally designed to change the shape or to create the appearance of the object. They are purposefully used over the finished surfaces to don’t leave any marks.

For this purpose, the mallets have the head and that is usually made of wood or the rubber, though it can be plastic or copper also.

This tool is used to create a softer impact over the objects. The head of mallets is eventually equal and it will have the two hitting surfaces. They are used in the moderate force and the head and the handle are attached through the wedges like hammers.

Final thoughts

When it comes to the hammer vs mallet, both of the tools are used to move the objects. But they are entirely different things. So it is very important to have an idea before the purchase of these tools.