NEBRASKA BY HEART is a Public Art Project sponsored by Lead Up (formerly Boys Hope Girls Hope) and the Sadie Dog Fund, and is endorsed by the NE 150 Celebration.  It is a not-to-be-missed component of the Nebraska Sesquicentennial and a destination for millions of appreciative (Nebraska, national and international) visitors!


The Sponsoring organizations reflect grass-roots Nebraska values and hope to raise funds and awareness about their goals. Lead Up connects youth to college and career. Through the power of mentoring, peer leadership and academic support, Lead Up transforms the lives of underrepresented students who become drivers of economic development and growth. The Sadie Dog Fund is a Lincoln organization which celebrates the human-animal bond. Through education, prevention and veterinary grants, it works statewide with Nebraska veterinarians to provide the necessary funds to keep dogs, in emergency medical situations or with special needs, alive and in their homes with the families that love them.  This offers an alternative to neglect, euthanasia or surrender.