Is an impact wrench the same as a torque wrench?

Is an impact wrench the same as a torque wrench?

The wrench is something which could help you from the tightening of the nuts and bolts and so one. There are varieties in the wrench and two among them are the impact wrench and the torque wrench. Both of them are similar in their work.

There is not much difference between both of the wrenches almost both impact wrench the same as a torque wrench. The fact is that the impact wrench is the powerful tool than the torque wrench and they exert high force to tighten or loosen the stubborn fasteners.

But the torque wrenches are the hand tool with the torque control which allows you to accurately tighten the bolts and nuts of the vehicle.

Impact wrench vs torque wrench

When it comes to the fact that the impact wrench vs torque wrench, you get to know their key factors and power  source to choose the better one to work on your need.

The main advantage of the torque wrench they will not create any noise like the impact wrenches. But when it comes to the power of the tool the impact wrench is much better than the torque wrenches.

Difference between impact wrench and torque wrench

Even though both of the wrenches will have the same jobs, you have to know about the difference between an impact wrench and torque wrench to make use of them effectively and it will also help you in purchasing the right one on your need.

Manual and powered

Probably from the two types of wrenches, one is the manual one and the other is powered one. The torque wrench is more similar to the normal wrenches that the user will supplies the power manually turning it.

But the impact wrench is not like the previous one it is a power tool, so it makes use of the electricity or the air pressure to generate the power. In this, the user just needs to pull the trigger.

Durability and speed

Another biggest difference between both the wrenches is their durability. The impact wrenches can perform several amounts of works in a short time, it won’t impact the tool at any cost.

With the help of impact wrench, you can screw hundreds of nuts and bolts than the torque wrench. At the same time, you can adjust the impact wrenches and the torque wrenches as per your need.

Final words

This article may help you to get to know about the difference between the impact and the torque wrenches in a detailed manner, which could help you in choosing the right one.