Materials Questions

What can you tell me about the fiberglass hearts?
Fiberglass is a strong, long lasting medium. The heart and connecting base weighs 100 pounds and measures 6’ in height and not over 32” wide; therefore, it will be able to fit through a standard door.Sand bags will be added inside the base during the public display time to keep it secure.In addition, a steel rod will be incorporated into each heart and its base for strength.

It sounds as if Artists can paint their Hearts if they wish, adhere stained glass or mosaics. Are they also encouraged to explore all sorts of additional exciting,creative possibilities?
YES. Artists are encouraged to let their imaginations soar and,
if they wish, even add extensions to their Hearts! Nebraska by Heart is looking for creative designs – realistic or whimsical – which may or may not relate to Nebraska.

We need to use the drawing provided for our submissions. Do I enlarge the drawing onto 11” x 17” paper and re-draw the image or do you mail Artists the outline image on 11” x 17” paper?
If possible, make a copy of the outline image and take it to a printing store(Like UPS) and enlarge it. They will help you remove the background color. I would also be happy to mail you the image.

I attended the August 1st Artist meeting and received the 11” x 17” outline drawing of the Heart and attached Base with a line indicating the Platte River. I do not wish to have the Platte a part of my Base’s design. Suggestions to my dilemma?
The line indicating the Platte River has been removed from the Base. We want to provide a white canvas for the Artists and not have them work around an image which may not fit into the design they are contemplating.

Is the Project open to steel and bronze Artists?
YES – Artists who work in steel and bronze can use their expertise in their particular medium, replicate the dimensions of the sculpture in steel or bronze (the Heart itself is 5’ tall and 5’ – 9” wide. The heart will be 24” in depth. The Base will be 4’- 6” wide and measures 32” deep by 12” tall.). Artists may change the design of the attached Base from the shape of Nebraska into their own creative vision, keeping in mind strength, stability and structural soundness.

Instead of the heart having a thickness of 18 or 24 inches can it be ordered just flat? Like a leaf?
The dimensions of the Heart – including the 24” depth – is one of the components of the Project that Artists need to follow. The design of the base can be changed; however, the dimensions will be similar to the Nebraska base as it is safe and structurally sound in terms of supporting the Heart.

Can Artists submit their proposals on Watercolor paper instead of copy paper?

Instead of paper, can I submit a 3 dimensional model or maquette illustrating my idea?
Yes, keeping in mind we are somewhat limited in display area for the proposals so try to keep the footprint dimensions of your model should be no larger than approximately
11” x 34”.

Is the Heart puffed out or flat?
The depth of the Heart is 24” so it is slightly puffed.

Is it OK to adjust the size of the Heart and base in order for me to show all of the information I would like to convey within my design on the 11” x 17” paper?
Yes, if necessary it is fine to minimize the size of the Heart and base a bit. In addition, if it is necessary to show the design on both sides of the Heart and base, Artists can use 11” by 34” paper. The more information the better – detail, color, materials, etc.

How accurate does the drawing need to be to the final sculpture?
Patrons expect the final outcome to be fairly accurate to what is portrayed in the Artist drawing.

Can you carve into the fiberglass?
The sculpture isn’t solid, it’s a good 1/8” thick, so any carving would create a hole. You would need to back your carving area with fiberglass matting and Bondo to your required depth and then shape the Bondo.

Will there be a full-size prototype of the fiberglass Heart and attached base we can look at?
Yes, the unveiling of the 6’ fiberglass Heart and attached base will take place at 10:00 a.m. on September 6th on East Campus, within University of Nebraska Lincoln’s Botanical Garden and Arboretum.

Should I sand the Heart and base before Painting?
Yes. Sanding will give the Heart/base teeth which will help the paint to better adhere to its surface.

Can Artists adhere paper to the Sculpture?
Yes, if you use Modge Podge and a good quality, acid free paper – NOT newspaper!

I have heard Artists talking about wanting a Heart in gel coat. What does that mean?
Unprimed is a better term. The gel-coat is the fiberglass material you would be able to see before he applies white acrylic to it.

What types of glues/adhesives should we use?
Artists should use Industrial epoxy, making sure to sand through the acrylic paint so that the glue is directly onto the fiberglass, not on the paint.

Should an Artist who wants to adhere mosaics, stained glass, paper, etc. order an unprimed Heart?
Yes. Make sure you inform Liz about needing an unprimed Heart when you are sponsored.

Can we use exterior spray paint?
Exterior spray paint may be affected by the clear coat. It is best to use acrylic paint on your sculpture.

Can the Artist cut out pieces of the Heart?
Fiberglass is strong, but yes, Artists can cut out shapes. Just make sure to keep the shapes small.

Can we fill in cut outs with PVC? Do we need to use any type of bonding material if we use PVC?
Yes. Use a good quality two part epoxy to secure the PVC.

Can you attach metal to the fiberglass Heart and base?
Yes but needs to be pop-riveted to the sculpture, NOT glued. The clear coat should be behind the metal. For that reason you should clear coat before attaching metal.

After I have finished painting how long should I wait before I clear coat my sculpture?
After painting you should wait 72 hours before clear coating. [But again follow the instructions from the paint manufacturer]

What are the safety factors when clear coating?
Artists should clear coat in a well ventilated area NOT inside their home, garage or studio. They should also wear a mask. [Following closely the guidelines from the product you’re using]

Is there an automotive clear coat available in a spray can or that we can apply with a brush ourselves in a well-ventilated space?
The automotive clear coat can be brushed….but it requires quick application/brush strokes due to the clear coat skinning so quickly.

After my sculpture has been clear coated how long should I wait before it can be safely transported?
After clear coating, your sculpture can be CAREFULLY handled in about 24 hours but you SHOULD wait 72 hours before it is moved.