Of Nebraska- Michelle Hrbek

Of Nebraska by Michelle Hrbek
Patron – Lead Up

Location: In front of the Main Post Office in the Haymarket
This multicultural heart design showcases several women in traditional attire
representative their specific culture. The centermost figure is in indigenous Lakota
clothing, as native cultures were the first inhabitants of the territory now known as
Nebraska. The additional figures represent an array of immigrants to our state from
various parts of the world. The individuals are women because within the family it is
oftentimes mothers who take care of the family by preparing meals, providing clothing,
and carrying on customs and traditions of their culture. Each of the women is faceless
so as to allow the viewer to see their own facial features within the individuals.
Collectively they stand beneath a wide-open prairie sky.
As an art educator at Lincoln Northeast High School, I have been fortunate to work with
students from various cultures, most recently immigrants and refugees who have come
to Nebraska in search of a fresh start and better life. The contributions of an array of
cultures are what make our history rich and our future bright.