Second Call to Nebraska Artists

Requesting proposals for three “finale” sculptures:
A Heart for the Future
A Multicultural Heart
A Husker Heart
Nebraska Artists are encouraged to participate in a special finale of Nebraska by Heart, a Public Art Project sponsored by Lead Up (formerly Boys Hope Girls Hope) and the Sadie Dog Fund, and endorsed by the NE 150 Celebration. Currently, 83 sculptures are on display all around Lincoln. These amazing works have been received with enthusiasm and great appreciation by the community, and we hope thousands of Nebraskans and visitors to Lincoln will continue to enjoy the work of Nebraska’s talented artists in the coming months.
Throughout the summer and fall, the Nebraska By Heart Project Committee will continue to promote and champion the work of participating Artists, recognize their Patrons and motivate potential collectors to participate at auction.
Responding to public interest, the committee has provided resources for the creation of three additional sculptures featuring three inspirations that will round out the representation of our great state through art. (Full descriptions follow)

We feel strongly that these additional pieces will keep overall project excitement at a high level, and increase awareness of potential collectors for all of the sponsored works. Artists (including those that work in steel and bronze) may submit up to 5 drawings (proposals) for one, two or all 3 of the concepts, and are encouraged to use their imagination and creative talent to paint, adhere mosaics, glass, etc. and manipulate and/or add onto the six-foot tall Heart created for outdoor display. The Artists whose proposals are selected will receive a $500 material stipend and one third ofthe final auction (October 6, 2017) price of their sculpture.  In addition, the 6-foot tall Heart sculpture (which will not be over 32” wide, and therefore able to fit through a standard door), will be delivered to their work space.

Artists will receive their Heart the 1st week of July and have until September 1, 2017 – this is a firm deadline date – to complete their sculpture.

Focused on the Following 3 Concepts:
Artists May Submit Proposals For
One, Two or All Three Concepts

A Futuristic Heart
Through the ages, humanity’s fascination with the heavens has been universal and enduring. We are driven to explore the unknown, discover new worlds, push the boundaries of our scientific and technical limits…. and then push further. With the urge to know what’s “over that next hill” or beyond the twinkling stars of the night sky, we become the new pioneers; explorers making tangible the desire to challenge the boundaries of what we know and who we can be. Proposals for this Nebraska By Heart sculpture is will focus not on the Nebraska earth beneath our feet, but the infinite, unfathomable reaches that soar above. It celebrates the past 150 years by envisioning the next 150, illustrating the spirit of the stargazer, dreamer, brave adventurer and curious mind seeking to understand the great mysteries of our universe.

A Multicultural Heart
The first Nebraskans came from all over the globe, from all walks of life. Asians, Czechs, Danes, Germans, Greeks, Irish, Italians, Mexicans, Poles, Russians, Swedes and others. They were farmers seeking land of their own. They were families with young children. They were single women. They were former slaves, freed during and after the Civil War. All were looking for a better life and together, they were an integral part of one of the most significant periods of the nation’s history. As in years past, immigration to Nebraska is bringing new neighbors to our communities. Like their ancestors, this generation of new citizens, hailing from Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Myanmar, Vietnam and Eastern Europe, are helping to build our shared future, purpose and prosperity.
Proposals submitted for this Heart can springboard from the following ideas:
1) demonstrate the power of art to build a bridge or bridges across cultures.
2) embrace coexistence and the shared values of hard work and sacrifice yesterday and today that have made Nebraska a wonderful place to call home.
3) how generations of pioneers established their home in Nebraska and the contributions they have made to advance the state economically and for enriching our communities through the richness of blended culture and traditions.

A Husker Heart
Proposals for this sculpture can emulate, honor and reflect the tradition, energy of Nebraska football and the enthusiasm and passion of its loyal and dedicated fans.From the first game 127 years ago until the present, Nebraska football is synonymous to the state itself; like the Nebraska fights song says, “There is no place like Nebraska!” The Cornhuskers continue to command respect. They give us a reason to come together and celebrate our similarities instead of our differences and an opportunity to support our student athletes and carry on our valued, tradition rich program. Our fervent solidarity is visible in a “Sea of Red” as thousands of loyal Nebraska fans tailgate together, travel together, and rally together around our team and continue to cheer on their beloved Huskers!
Not the victory but the action: Not the goal but the game: In the deed the glory.

Questions: Contact Liz Shea-McCoy, Project Director – 402 430-5923