The Heart of the Huskers- Lynne Reineke

The Heart of the Huskers by Lynne Reineke
Patrons – Lead up and Sadie Dog Fund

Location: East Side of Memorial Stadium

It is the ‘True Heart’ of the Huskers that inspired me to paint the Husker Heart. As a
long-time season ticket holder, I can tell you that Husker fans can name the coaches, the
Heisman trophy winners, and tell you what years we won the championships. I wanted
to remind people that there is more to Nebraska Football than winning and losing.
Husker Football is about a band of brothers from all over the country who become
family for life once they step onto the turf of Memorial Stadium. The strength and
compassion shown by the team and its fans when tragedy hits home has deeply touched
me. The husker football team, made up of young men of different races, religions,
cultures – and Husker fans – came together on two very important occasions to form a
family of support for a fallen brother and a sick young boy. Differences were set aside
and we were guided by our hearts. Husker Nation bleeds red to mourn the life of Scott
Foltz, and bleeds red to help save lives through Team Jack. We never forget. We never
give up. We strive to make a difference. Huskers are so much more than a win/loss
record. Huskers have heart and integrity.